Amp up Your Store Displays with Lighted Signage & Get Your Store Ready for Valentine's Day

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Do you own or work in a retail store? Any store, not necessarily ‎a flower shop.  Did you know that a recent survey in Canada concluded, that when the store staff was enthusiastic about the store's overall display, the store grossed higher sales from local foot traffic. Many of the successful stores have incorporated  LED string lighting  into their product displays as a visual attention getter. LED is absolutely fascinating and the colorful illuminated signs are a big hit. The lighting encourages people (foot traffic), to come into your store. Once they are inside, they naturally look upwards. It's just instinctive. When you install decorative lighting start at six feet or above. You are directing that person, who is a potential customer, right to where he wants to go.  Then go ahead and make that sale.
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